Ecotoxicity of Sediment Organisms

Reliable ecotoxicity data on sediment organisms…

Sediment-dwelling organisms represent an intersection between aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology. Being exposed to substance both from the water and the soil phase, these organisms require thorough testing. Containing all relevant sediment organisms, our portfolio offers a solution for your specific testing requirement.

…with a variety of species
Both sediment-dwelling plants and animals can be tested at Noack Laboratorien. We offer tests on all relevant plant and animal species such as chironomid toxicity (Chironomus riparius, acc. to OECD 218, OECD 219), chironomid acute toxicity (acc. to OECD 235), chironomid life cycle toxicity (acc. to OECD 233), Lumbriculus variegatus reproduction toxicity (acc. to OECD 225), Myriophyllum spicatum toxicity (acc. to OECD 239) tests. Myriophyllum tests are also available in a sediment-free test design (OECD 238). For more details, please refer to the aquatic plants section.

…in several tier levels
Chironomid testing is done in several tier levels from acute to life cycle studies. Bioaccumulation studies on Lumbriculus are of growing importance for the PBT assessment and also available at Noack. For more information, please refer to the Environmental Fate section.

…including analytical services
In-house analytical monitoring is possible in all relevant compartments such as water, pore water, sediment or organisms.
We offer in-house state-of-the-art highly sensitive accompanying chemical analytics using LC-MS/MS or LC-QTOF. With more than 30 years of experience, we can analyze a wide range of active ingredients as well as degradation products. All chemical methods are fully validated following the most recent guidelines and specifications of regulatory authorities (SANCO/3029/99 rev. 4, SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4).

You matter.
All our studies are conducted under GLP and supported by a broad range of experience in scientific work on a large variety of substances such as chemicals, plant protection products or fragrances and flavours. We strive for complete transparency and a close communication during the course of your studies. Monthly status updates, guaranteed testing slots and real-time updates are only some examples of our customer service.

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