Test Substances

Regulations like REACh, the Biocide Act and the Pesticide Act represent challenges in collecting and preparing necessary data for a successful registration. Additional claims by the authorities such as for PBT/vPvB and SVHC assessments can further enhance the need for more complex studies. Using our expertise, we review the feasibility of the study claims and formulate expert feasibility statements if required.

Noack Laboratorien has been working for many years with a variety of substance types like chemicals, plant protection products, biocides, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, flavours and pigments. We are highly skilled in processing difficult substances like UVCBs, unstable, insoluble or volatile items.

Besides the standard study types, we are especially experienced in designing and conducting higher tier studies – with both unlabeled and 14C-labelled substances – to meet the respective authority requirements, especially for REACh substances. Higher tier studies can be tailor-made for your individual needs. Our up-to-date devices represent the best possible analytical services that are currently available and allow for analysis and identification of substances, metabolites and impurities on a rather sensitive level. We are prepared to carry out studies for PBT assessment according to the latest ECHA guidance. Simulation studies for persistence can be conducted at low temperatures such as 12°C. With our new LC-HRMS system, the identification of metabolites and analysis of impurities down to 0.1% of the applied substance amount can be feasible.

We have been dealing with a broad range of agrochemicals on various levels of tiers for more than 20 years. Our current portfolio includes testing and analysis experience with active substances like Metamitron, Propiconazole, Diquat, Folpet, Thiamethoxamand many more. A complete list of active substances tested at Noack Laboratorien can be made available on request.

For our complete study portfolio, please refer to Study Services.

We are happy to design and adapt the optimal study type for your substance and your specific needs.