Environmental fate

The fate of substances in the environment is of increasing interest for authorities and manufacturers. We are able to perform biotic environmental fate studies starting on the level of screening tests for ready biodegradability up to higher tier studies with labeled and unlabeled substances in tailor-made test designs for the respective needs and regulatory requirements. Biotic transformation and degradation processes (aerobic and anaerobic) in different matrices and in different environmental compartments such as sewage treatment plants, surface waters, sediments and sea water are simulated and evaluated at standard laboratory temperatures as well as at environmentally realistic temperature conditions. The formation of metabolites and degradation products is investigated by specific analysis using state-of-the art LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS, radio-HPLC and GC-MS/MS systems, even allowing metabolite identification. Abiotic transformation by hydrolysis, direct and indirect photolysis and photolysis on soil surface can be assessed, supported by excellent analytical quality regarding active compounds and metabolite confirmation / identification. The fate of substances and metabolites in organisms during uptake and depuration phases is evaluated by bioaccumulation studies in fish, earthworms or sediment worms like Lumbriculus. Soil leaching, partition coefficient and adsorption/desorption studies complete our broad portfolio.

Biodegradation - Simulation/Transformation
Biodegradation - Ready & Inherent Biodegradability
Abiotic Degradation
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