R & D

Research is the progress of science. Evaluating and developing existing as well as new methods is crucial to maintain up-to-date scientific standards and to offer the best possible individual service to our clients. Ever since, Noack Laboratorien has therefore participated in scientific exchange and the development of new methods and guidelines. Participation in ring tests for newly developed and established test designs is a self-evident activity of Noack Laboratorien.

Together with industrial partners, we contribute to scientific research by being a Smartlab collaboration partner and offering and supervising master theses in our facility. Research results are exchanged and discussed with the scientific community and presented at meetings like the SETAC Europe, which we attend every year.

Furthermore, communicating and teaching research and environmental topics is as important as performing research itself. As such, since 2002, Noack Laboratorien has been sponsoring the SETAC Environmental Education Award, which is presented during the annual SETAC Europe meeting.

Client communication is one of our most important values. The study directors are the direct contact person for the respective study and can be contacted personally quickly. A client information system is available on demand.