Chemical Analysis

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Reliable and sensitive chemical analysis is a vital component of substance assessments. Challenging substance characteristics like high volatility, low water solubility or a UVCB composition can complicate analyses immensely. Our team of chemists and biologists is skilled in handling and processing a large variety of substance classes like chemicals, plant protection products and biocides under GLP according to international standards like SANCO, OECD and EPA. Small particle analysis, impurity profiling, residue analysis, 5-batch analysis and metabolite determination are part of our portfolio. Concentration control analytics for ecotoxicological, environmental fate, authentication and storage stability studies is conducted with high quality. With our state-of-the-art equipment we can reach extremely low detection limits. We are confident to develop the best analytical method for your individual need.

…with high class equipment and methods
We have several modern ultraHPLC-DAD-MS/MS and Fast GC-MS/MS devices at our disposal. Labelled substances can be detected by 14C Radio-HPLC or LSC. We apply commonly used detectors (DAD, fluorescence, FID, ECD etc.) and mass spectrometric detectors (MS or MS/MS). Accurate mass determination, prescreenings, metabolite identification, quantitative and qualitative analysis of UVCB substances, analysis for higher tier studies and impurity profiles (unknown screenings) are performed by high resolution mass spectrometry.
Data is gathered exclusively with validated computer-based systems. The analytical methods are implemented either as in-house support for studies in ecotoxicology, environmental fate or physical-chemical properties analysis or as a support for studies conducted externally.

…in a variety of matrices
Analyses can be developed and performed in a variety of matrices, which include not only soil, surface water, drinking water, groundwater, pore water, air and sediment but also plant and animal tissue according to requirements for pre-registration (e.g. SANCO/3029/99) or post-registration (e.g. SANCO/825/00).

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