In 1986, Noack Laboratorien GmbH was founded by Dr. Udo Noack at the Technology Center Hildesheim. During the first years, the company’s activities focused mainly on water quality analysis and the establishment of aquatic toxicity tests. Remarkable effort was especially invested in developing measurement methods for algal growth.

In 1990, Noack Laboratorien received the first GLP certification and has maintained it ever since. In the following years, the company’s focus shifted from biomonitoring of waters and aquatic samples towards ecotoxicological studies.

Due to a good economic development and hence growing space demand, in 1996, Noack Laboratorien moved to a newly constructed building in Sarstedt. In the same year, the company was certified for professional education of laboratory assistants.

Growing requirements for analytical methods lead to constant expansion of analytical equipment and methods. In 1998, Noack Laboratorien was certified for usage of genetically modified organisms and 14C-labelled test substances. The respective laboratories have been expanded constantly and are being upgraded to date.

Meeting the growing need for ecotoxicological testing, Noack Laboratorien enlarged its professional spectrum by promoting the establishment of terrestrial test systems since 1994. Further terrestrial systems such as earthworms and beneficial arthropods were established and developed. In 1999, two large climatizable buildings were constructed and have been used for high-scale testing on non-target plants since then.

In 2004, the company building was extended for the first time to cope with the growing professional range and development of the company. Due to significantly increasing requests for ecotoxicological studies in the course of REACh, the building was expanded for a second time in 2011 and now accommodates 75 staff members, mostly biologists and chemists.

During the past seven years, the fastest and most extensive development has occurred in the sections for environmental fate testing and assessment of physical-chemical properties. Investigations in analytical equipment for both conservative and 14C-labelled substances have increased the possibilities of detection, also for accompanying control analytics for biotests. On the biological side, we have put remarkable effort in developing the section for pollinator testing. Besides the usual acute toxicity tests, honeybee larval and chronic studies as well as bumblebee tests have been implemented.

Today, the staff at Noack Laboratorien is skilled especially in treating and testing difficult substances like UVCBs, insoluble or unstable items and volatile substances. We provide a wide range of both ecotoxicological and chemical study types and are experienced in adapting the study designs individually with regard to special needs or requirements.

In 2016, Dr. Udo Noack handed over the future of the laboratory to his successor, Dr. Christian Maeß. Since then, the staff number has increased to 75, consisting of employees from a variety of different fields such as biology, biotechnology, agriculture, chemistry and engineering. Furthermore, notable effort has been invested in stockpiling our analytical equipment. Developing and linking all technical equipment and the IT with regard to newest GLP requirements has already remarkably improved the workflow. The network-based IT system contributes to upgraded project management, synchronization of processes and the best possible client communication.  Maintaining the excellent company quality and constantly optimizing wherever possible, we are happy to design the future of Noack Laboratorien together with you, our long-term and potential new clients.For our current service portfolio, please refer to the section Study Services.