Research projects
Supporting research in terms of environmental assessment has always been a major goal of Noack Laboratorien. Since its early years, the facility has been participating in a variety of ring tests with regard to aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity studies as well as environmental fate.

Noack Laboratorien has participated in a number of research projects dealing with bacterial wastewater cleaning and natural herbicides and algicides as well as meso-and microcosm studies and an immune-analytical rapid test for algal toxins. Recently, we took part in a research project dealing with toxicological test methods for nanoparticles generated by biomass firing. The project was coordinated by the German Biomass Research Center (Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum). Recent results and development are discussed and presented regularly at different meetings like the SETAC Europe, which we attend annually.

Master projects
Noack Laboratorien supports young scientists by collaborating with their universities for their master thesis. Recently, two master projects have been performed at our facility in cooperation with academic partners.
Co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheper and Dr. Ivo Havlik from the Department of Technical Chemistry (Leibniz University Hannover) and Dr. Stephan Goller from Noack Laboratorien, Severin Steffan worked on the project „Design and Development of Systems for Ecotoxicology Tests based on Passive Dosing“. Indra Gottwald finished her master thesis „Environmental Fate of Alkylamines in Soils“ under supervision of Dr. Heinz Wilkes from the Department of Organic Geochemistry of the ICBM Oldenburg and Dr. Stephan Goller from Noack Laboratorien. After finishing her thesis, Indra continues her work at Noack Laboratorien as a scientific assistant.

We are open and aim for the development of new master projects and research collaborations.

Selected Publications