Ecotoxicity of Soil Organisms

Evaluation of substance-induced effects on soil-inhabiting organisms…

Biocides and agrochemicals such as herbicides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators or other plant protection products are also inevitably applied to soils during use. Soil macro- and micro-organisms that are crucial for a working ecosystem can thereby be harmed. We offer a broad range of soil organism GLP ecotoxicity studies to evaluate the effects of your substance.

…from screening to higher tier and with all relevant test species
Our portfolio consists of acute and reproduction assessment studies with a variety of soil organisms. Based on long-term experience, we offer studies on toxicity to predatory mites (Hypoaspis aculeifer, acc. to OECD 226), soil microorganisms (acc. to OECD 216, OECD 217), earthworm acute effects (Eisenia fetida, acc. to OECD 207), earthworm reproduction (acc. to OECD 222), enchytraeid reproduction (Enchytraeus albidus, acc. to OECD 220) and collembola toxicity and reproduction (Folsomia candida, acc. to OECD 232). Earthworm field studies acc. to DIN ISO 11268-3 are available on request.
Bioaccumulation studies with soil organisms are of growing importance for PBT assessments of substances. At Noack Laboratorien, we can conduct bioaccumulation studies acc. to OECD 317 with oligochaetes such as Eisenia fetida or Enchytraeus albidus, either with unlabeled or 14C-labelled test substances. For more detailed information, please refer to our Environmental Fate section.

…with technical support
Being a member of the Smartlab cooperation, we collaborate with the TCI Hannover to improve laboratory automatization. Currently, an algorithm-based counting tool for collembolan studies is being tested. After the optimization and validation, the algorithm will be very helpful to assist with the laboratory procedures.

…and analytical services.
In-house analytical monitoring is possible in all relevant compartments such as application solutions, soil or organisms.
We offer in-house state-of-the-art highly sensitive accompanying chemical analytics using LC-MS/MS or LC-QTOF. Analysis of 14C-labelled substances by LSC or LC-FSA is available for bioaccumulation studies. With more than 30 years of experience, we can analyze a wide range of active ingredients as well as degradation products. All chemical methods are fully validated following the most recent guidelines and specifications of regulatory authorities (SANCO/3029/99 rev. 4, SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4).

You matter.
All our studies are conducted under GLP and supported by a broad range of experience in scientific work especially on plant protection products. We strive for complete transparency and a close communication during the course of your studies. Monthly status updates, guaranteed testing slots and real-time updates are only some examples of our customer service.

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