Beneficial Non-Target Arthropod Protection

Assessment of product effects on non-target arthropods…

Biocides and agrochemicals such as herbicides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators or other plant protection products can have severe effects on beneficial arthropods that are not the primary target of the substance. To evaluate this risk, ecotoxicity studies on relevant beneficial species are required by international authorities.
With a variety of test species and GLP test designs your requirements will be met and fulfilled.

…in the tier level you need
Non-target arthropod assessment can be necessary in different levels of complexity. From Tier 1 studies on glass plates to Tier 2 extended laboratory studies on plant material or in soil and aged-residue studies with whole plants, we cover a broad range of testing levels.

…with a wide range of all relevant test species
No matter what arthropod species you prefer for your substance assessment, we can offer the respective test. Our portfolio contains GLP studies with all guideline-relevant species such as parasitic wasps (Aphidius rhopalosiphi, acc. to IOBC, Mead-Briggs (2000, 2009)), predatory mites (Typhlodromus pyri, acc. to IOBC, Blümel et al. (2000)), predatory bugs (Orius laevigatus, acc. to IOBC, Bakker et al. (2000)), ground active predators (Poecilus cupreus, Pardosa sp., acc. to IOBC, Heimbach et al. (2000)) (Aleochara bilineata, acc. to IOBC, Grimm et al. (2000)) and foliage active predators (Chrysoperla carnea, acc. to IOBC, Vogt et al. (2000)) (Coccinella septempunctata, acc. to IOBC, Schmuck et al. (2000)).
Additionally, we are also able to use a large variety of host plant species for extended laboratory tests or aged-residues studies. In cases of challenging substances or regulatory requirements, we research and find the suitable plant species, even if it is an unusual one.

…including thorough pretesting
With a large portfolio of non-target arthropod and plant species, application and testing conditions must be optimized beforehand. In preparation of the studies, we assess the best combination of species and substance to guarantee the best study course.

…and analytical services.
Although analytical monitoring is not mandatory for non-target arthropod testing, it is possible in all relevant compartments such as water, soil or even organisms.
We offer in-house state-of-the-art highly sensitive accompanying chemical analytics using LC-MS/MS or LC-QTOF. With more than 30 years of experience, we can analyze a wide range of active ingredients as well as degradation products. All chemical methods are fully validated following the most recent guidelines and specifications of regulatory authorities (SANCO/3029/99 rev. 4, SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4).

You matter.
All our studies are conducted under GLP and supported by a broad range of experience in scientific work especially on plant protection products. We strive for complete transparency and a close communication during the course of your studies. Monthly status updates, guaranteed testing slots and real-time updates are only some examples of our customer service.

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