Meet Us

… at SETAC Europe 2019, Helsinki, 26th – 30th May

Another chance for a personal meeting will be the SETAC Europe conference in Helsinki in May 2019. This year you can visit us on all exhibition days at booth no. 43 and meet Dirk Scheerbaum (Head of Aquatic Ecotoxicology), Silke Fiebig (Study Director E-Fate), Gunda Winkelmann (Study Director Terrestrial Ecotoxicology) and Dr. Christian Maeß (CEO).

In addition, besides being a venue supporter we also sponsor the Environmental Education Award that rewards outstanding activities in the proliferation of environmental science. It is always a pleasure and an honor for us to present this well acknowledged award to the winning candidate on Sunday at the opening ceremony.

Whereas IUPAC will be a first time visit, we have been exhibiting at SETAC Europe continuously since 2003. Even before, we have participated as visitors since the late 90’s. Please feel very welcome to also come and see our poster presentations on Terrestrial ecotox studies with difficult substances – A comparison of different application techniques (on Wednesday) and Challenges and Experimental Issue for Kinetic Simulation Studies conducted at 12 °C (OECD TG 309) (on Thursday) in the poster hall.

We are happy to provide you with further information and discussions at our booth.

Please find the abstracts for our poster presentations as PDF files here:

Abstract on Soil Application
Abstract Kinectic Simulation Studies conducted at 12 °C